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The Fox FamilyChuck and Ruth work with the approximately 75,000 Akha hill tribe people living in Northern Thailand. The Foxes' ministry focuses on evangelism, pastoral care, leadership development and women's ministries.

Chuck writes: The people of the hill village of Azi do not have any title to the land for their bamboo houses, they are squatters from Burma. A few have Thai citizenship of some form, only a few are full Thai's. I met an older lady there who is 87. Her husband passed away as well as six of her nine children. She came out and gathered around while we prepared to teach about 30 children in the village. There is no electricity. Her name is Mi Tsu. As we talked she made sure that I understood that before she became a Christian she had bad dreams at night. But now that she believes the frightening dreams have stopped and gone away. I enjoyed sitting with her and hearing her story.

This village has asked for help in forming a village. Together with the Akha workers, we are trying to find a way to get a small portion of land for them. We have one blockage at this point because the head army leader in the area said they could not obtain land until they have more Thai citizenship.

From this point, we traveled over to another village for dinner. There I met my Akha friend, Yahweh, who used to be addicted to opium but changed as we sent him to this Christian Rehab sponsored by American Baptists. I went with him to his coffee plantation and saw some of his beautiful coffee. That day I helped divide up fertilizer to each family in this village to help their coffee plants flourish a bit. When Yahweh became a Christian his two wives left him. He was a bit sad about that. His wives did not want anything to do with him as he now was not following the old ways of the "spirits". He has remained faithful to Christ and wants to find a new wife. So far, none on the horizon. Later that night, we had some of the best food in the world - Akha vegetables, meat with some spices and rice, of course.

There is much joy and love in being able to share our lives and resources with struggling people on this side of this world. Together with my Akha friends, we spend time with them and they in turn have enriched my life also.

How you can Serve

You can be a part of Chuck and Ruth's ministry in Thailand by completing this form and mailing it to International Ministries, Missionary Partnership Teams, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482.

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Please make checks payable to International Ministries and write on the memo line "Ongoing Support for Chuck and Ruth Fox."  Mark envelope "Attention Missionary Support."