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Greater Philadelphia Food Bank's Baby Manna Program

Baby Manna LogoEach year 12,000 babies are born into poverty in southeast Pennsylvania.  Many of these infants are reared by caregivers who are unable to nurse.  Tragically, during the first year, many caregivers are unable to afford infant formula and resort to diluting formula with water, introducing cow's milk too early, or starting babies on solid foods prematurely,.  Consequences of this type of malnutrition are often devastating and permanent, affecting the babies' physical, mental and social growth.

100% of the money received from the annual Baby Manna collection is used by Philabundance, a local organization, to purchase infant formula and baby food, which will be available to nearly 600 member feeding programs in the Delaware Valley.

Baby Manna raises funds to purchase infant formula and baby food for babies born into poverty in our five county Philadelphia area. Baby Manna encourages churches and synagogues to take up a special collection on Mother's Day for this cause.  Philabundance manages distribution of the funds and purchases infant formula and baby food at the lowest cost available.  Baby Manna has provided over 467,667 feedings to infants in need since 1996.  Baby Manna seeks to ensure that every Delaware Valley infant receives the proper nutrition that every baby deserves.

What BCGV does

BCGV members contributed $857 to Baby Manna in 2011. 

How you can serve

You can support Baby Manna by sending your check to BCGV, Attn.: Financial Secretary, marking your check for Baby Manna.  While the Baby Manna offering is received on Mother's Day, contributions are welcome at any time of the year.