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BCGV Sunday School Ongoing Project -- "Friends of the Hopi Mission School"

The following is an excerpt from the Winter 2014 Newsletter from the Hopi Mission School, Kykotsmovi, AZ (Website: www.hopimissionschool.org) It is addressing the Campbell Soup Labels and the Box Tops for Education coupons we have been collecting and sending to them each year. 

"The latest report indicates that the school has about 1,398,612 labels to its credit. That means that 201,388 more are needed to buy the new 7 passenger van, so continued participation by groups and individuals will help us greatly." 

Be sure when the labels are prepared that they have the entire UPC barcode and the Box Tops for Education figure are included.

Since August 2013, the school has received $6,134.40 by redeeming 61,344 box tops. They express their gratitude to the hundreds of groups and individuals who continue to collect and send these to them. 

Submitted by Marilyn Baker -- from the Board of Christian Education


Questions and Answers About Sunday School

What time is Sunday School?

Supervised play begins at 9:15 a.m. in the Scott Building under the direction of Debbie Tait.  Formal programs begin after the children leave the worship service and end when parents pick up them up in the Scott Building after church.

When do the children leave the Meeting House?

Children should leave after the first verse of the hymn that follows the Children’s Message.

What happens in the Sunday School program?

On the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month, children from pre-school to seventh grade have an opening sessions where an offering is taken, the doxology is sung, a prayer offered, and an introduction to the lesson provided.  This may include singing, a dramatic reading, or other activity.  A video is then shown to connect the Bible lesson with our world today.  Depending on the number of children present, they are flexibly grouped for age-appropriate lessons. For information on our program, go to Grow, Proclaim, Serve at Cokesbury Press. http://www.cokesbury.com/forms/curriculum.aspx?lvl=Children&lnb=Series&sid=834 

On the second Sunday of the month, children have craft Sunday. During this time they do hands-on activities related to the seasons and/or their lessons. Cathie Clemmer and Carol Claypoole supervise these activities.  There are also puzzles and games for the boys and girls.

Video Sunday is the fourth Sunday of each month.  Children enjoy snacks while they watch stories based on the Bible.  Monica and Veronica Lopez coordinate these efforts.

Tweens have their own program under the guidance of Jillian Hoffman from Eastern University.

What resources are provided to parents?

In addition to the stories and worksheets that reinforce the lessons, each month the children receive a magazine with stories and activities to build their faith.

What care is provided for infants and toddlers?

On request to the greeter in the Meeting House, an adult will supervise your child in the Scott Building throughout the worship service. Our program includes music and stories for this age group, too.

Message to Parents

Through our congregational life, the Baptist Church in the Great Valley helps children grow socially and spiritually. The church provides a warm, encouraging, supportive, and social environment that

The church offers a personal, meaningful, dynamic, and spiritual experience that

Special Opportunities

Boys and girls in our Christian Education Program have a variety of opportunities to grow in their faith throughout the year. In addition to sharing music selections periodically during worship, these events include:

Details of our programs and events are featured in our monthly newsletters!