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The Alternative Gift Market -- Come See Us Again Next Year!

Congratulations to the organizers, The United Church of Christ in Valley Forge, and The Baptist Church in the Great Valley! It was a wonderful event! Photos and information about the number of visitors will be posted after there is a chance to meet and assess. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who came out to support and shop!



Watch this space for details of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday events. Mark your calendars now for the Christmas Dinner on December 13th at 5:30PM and the Christmas Eve Service at 7:00PM.   


The "bird's eye" image below was provided by James Davis, a friend of Veronica Lopez. 

Thanks Veronica and James for providing this spectacular photo!

Great News! BCGV now has a Google+ page which will contain nearly all of the photos of our congregation and events, including historic photos. Click on the link below to see them. Call the office if you want to download them. We are allowing anyone to view them but requiring permission to download them. 

BGVC Photo Albums



Welcome to The Baptist Church in the Great Valley. Founded by 16 Welsh Baptists on April 22, 1711, our church and we, its members, are proud of our 303 years of continuous Christian service in this community. We worship and study on ground rich in American history. While we strive to revere and learn from the past, we endeavor to have a creative program that meets the needs and issues of the present.

We worship each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in our historic Meeting House. All are welcome. Nursery care is available during the worship service.

The Baptist Church in the Great Valley is a place to meet new friends, to discuss ideas and concerns, and to find spiritual renewal and strength to face the demands of our modern world. We seek to be a warm, outgoing congregation, concerned about people and their lives. Believing deeply in the Baptist tradition of individual freedom, we invite anyone to join our fellowship through a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, a letter of transfer from another Christian church, or believer's baptism.

We are part of over 1.3 million American Baptists in the United States. There are more than 5,500 ABC churches, 123 of which are in the Philadelphia area. American Baptist Churches value independence, with each church choosing its own style and emphases of ministry and mission. American Baptists believe strongly in the separation of church and state. They are ecumenical in spirit and cooperate with other churches for fellowship and mission.

Man With Hymnal from AboveWorship Schedule

10:30 AM: Worship in our historic Meeting House.

Our Communion Service is on the first Sunday of the month.
Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers in the Scott Building.

Our Sunday School

Our Sunday School Classes focus upon the importance of having a Biblical foundation when facing the ethical and moral challenges of modern American culture. Classes are arranged as follows:

Read more about our Sunday School

Our Music Ministry

Music is an important element to our Worship service. The Great Valley Chorale, our choir, is a small but enthusiastic group. We welcome all who wish to sing with us. Our handbell choir, the Rhydwilym Ringers practices upon call, and again, we welcome all who wish to "ring" with us. No experience needed! We ring three octaves of Malmark handbells.

Our Facilities

Main Door The Baptist Church in the Great Valley is located on a 13-acre campus on North Valley Forge Road in Devon, Tredyffrin Township, PA. 

Our Meeting House, constructed in 1805 of local Valley limestone, is an historic structure, adorned with a steeple containing a 628 pound bell and topped by a gold weather vane. The Meeting House is air-conditioned and has undergone major renovations in 1871, 1949, and 1970. Seating capacity is 200 people on the ground floor and 50 in the balcony. See separate tab describing the unique history of the Meeting House.

The cemetery, which surrounds the Meeting House, reflects a great deal of history. The earliest burials are recorded in the 1720's. There are many stones in the cemetery which collectively present a lesson in the history of the church and our country. See separate tab, A Walk though Our Historic Cemetery.  It is also the burial place for veterans of all of this country's wars, and each veteran's grave is marked with an American flag.

A short walk through the cemetery from the Meeting House is The William Maxwell Scott Church School Building, built in the 1950s. This building contains meeting rooms, classrooms, a kitchen, offices and a large assembly hall known as the Scott Room. The Scott Room has a high arched ceiling, many large windows, a hardwood floor, a large fireplace and our baptistery.  Many Fellowship events take place in this warm and comfortable room. The Scott Building was recently renovated to be energy efficient. A new wing has added offices, a conference room, two accessible bathrooms and an elevator that provides access to the upstairs of the Scott Building and the new wing.